The training will take into account the strengths and weaknesses defined in your personality evaluation.

A detailed assessment of your elocution and how well you master the subject


Adapt your presentation according to this "oratorical" analysis.


Work on the messages that you want to convey.


Adapt these messages to the audience.


Prepare rhetorical elements according to the needs of your audience, to create and reinforce the relationship (questions to the audience, references to their context, consideration of auditory, visual and kinesic perception).


Learn about the cultural and linguistic differences between nationalities allowing you to adapt your presentation for a better dialogue.


Determine the behaviour and the body language you should be aiming for.


Work on your voice, your facial expressions, your breathing, and pauses.


Practice in order to speak freely, to be yourself and not read your text.


Manage the difficulty of fielding questions and any possible reactions.


Watch a video recording of your presentation.


Feed-back from the coach.